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Product information is available for download for a broad representation of Valeo Performance Work Gear personal protection equipment. If you don’t see resources for the products you seek, please call our 1-800-634-2704 customer service help desk or submit a form requesting product information.

Quality safety gear

V140 Model

Valeo V265 Mechanic Glove

V265 Model

V430 Model

V435 Model

V435-WS Model

V440 Model

V440-WS Model


V455 Model

V460 Model

Valeo V860 Coated Seamless Knit Glove

V860 Model

Model VHVT202

Model VHVT203

Model VHVT204

Model VHVT205

Model VHVT206

Model VHVT301

Model VHVT302

Model VHVT303

Model VHVT304

Model VEE7

Model VES8

Model VEH9

Model VPL8

Model VPC8

Model VHG8

Model VHO8

Valeo EWS - Wrist Support

Model EWC

Model EWW-T

Model EWW-T Yellow

Valeo EWW Black - Wrist Support

Model EWW Black

Valeo EWW Tan - Wrist Support

Model EWW Tan

Valeo WHD-1 - Wrist Support

Model WHD-1

Valeo WHD-2 - Wrist Support

Model WHD-2

Valeo WSS - Wrist Support

Model WSS

Valeo KSC - Knee Support

Model KSC

Valeo KSO - Knee Support

Model KSO

Valeo ESS - Elbow Support

Model ESS

Valeo EST - Wrist Support

Model EST

Valeo NAS - Ankle Support

Model NAS

Model VKP-32

Model VKP-34

Model VKP-36

Model VKP-38

Model VKP-40

Valeo VKP-42 Knee Pad

Model VKP-42

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